Public works

Nýja Bío;
Historic building reconstruction
design 2008-2011 construction 2009-2011

Reykjavík Art Museum
design 1997-2000 construction 1998-2000

Supreme Court of Iceland
design 1993-1996 construction 1994-1996

Reykjavík City Hall
design 1987-1992 construction 1988-1992

Public works in progress

New building for the Icelandic Parliament with Kristinn E. Hrafnsson artist
design 2017-2020 construction 2020-

Public works projects

DIE Leipziger WENDUNGEN with Kristinn E. Hrafnsson artist
Monument ot freedom and unity in Leipzig
design 2012

Hafnarfjörður public library extension

Retirement and health retreat

New art gallery and public square for Middlesbrough
Conceptual study and framework plan


Hotel, Conference Centre and Concert Hall
Feasibility studies for Reykjavík Harbour
design 1998-2000

The Nordic Embassies in Berlin
design 1995